Ways to support us

By bank transfer to the following account number:


BE69 0013 6295 4878

  • For general operations
  • Allows us maximal flexibilty
  • No Tax deductability in Belgium
  • For the Quetzalprijs
Gift 20€ (you can change the amount)

A gift through the university fund of the KULeuven

Gift 40€ (You can change the amount)


Account number  BE45 7340 1941 7789 Please mention the following refernce +++ 400/0013/25909+++

Amounts above €40 enable a tax deduction in Belgium.

If you considere an amount of less than €40 or you don’t require the tax deduction, plase use the regular Guatebelga account : BE69 0013 6295 4878

It allows us maximum flexibility