Quetzal Prize

The Quetzal Prize for Human Rights and Democracy in Guatemala is established in January 2012 by Guatebelga vzw, a non-profit organisation according to Belgian law (statute in B.S. 15/1/2002). It was founded in 2001 to foster democracy and human rights in Guatemala and to undertake actions against impunity for human rights violations in that country. More information can be found on www.guatebelga.be.

The general objective of the Quetzal Prize is to stimulate human rights and democracy in Guatemala. In particular, it wishes to support initiatives that fight against impunity, deepen the culture of human rights and encourage accountable forms of governance.

The Quetzal Prize will be awarded to individual persons or to organisations or institutions that have made a major contribution to human rights and democracy in Guatemala. The prize winners do not have to reside in Guatemala or possess Guatemalan citizenship.

An internationally composed jury will select the prize winner and invite him/her to Belgium to accept the prize during an official ceremony.

The Quetzal Prize consists of a piece of art especially designed by an artist.

It will be awarded on a bi-annual basis.