Walter VOORDECKERS came as a Belgian Scheut father to Guatemala on aug 30th, 1966. He worked amongst the day laborers and already in 1976 he came into conflict with the land owners and factory bosses.  That  year the so called  Ejército Secreto Anti-comunista (Anticommunist Army) painted slogans on the walls  “Walter communist, the ESA is looking for you” and “Walter go home – ESA”.  He also received death threats by mail.

While leaving the parish building on the may 12th,  1980, Walter VOORDECKERS was met by four individuals trying to abduct him. He tried to escape, was shot at, and consequently died of the 7 caliber .45 bullets that hit him. The perpetrators fled in a beige Toyota Landcruiser with covered plates. The Commision for Historical Clarification (CEH) concluded, based amongst others on a declassified document of the United States, that  Walter VOORDECKERS was the victim of agents of the government or of an armed force supported or tolerated by the government. In their report, the commission denounces the neglection of  the Guatemalan authorities’ duty to investigate and punish these facts.