The seed of Guatebelga

A few people, family and sympathizers of  Serge Berten and Walter Voordeckers visited, almost 20 years after the crimes against these people, Guatemala in October and November of 1997. This visit yielded a lot, not that the group received the information, but they met the people and visited the beautiful country. They saw and understood why Serge and Walter did what they did, saw the injustice and poverty, the impunity, they visited many branches of the government, just to discover that the government never even bothered to investigate, let alone look for the suspects and the victims.

This trip was the seed of Guatebelga. This trip brought the people together and made them realize that there is work left to be done, on different fronts. After the trip, the visitors received aid and information via the The Flemish Guatemala group of 11.11.11 from researchers of the University of Leuven (KULeuven).  They researched the possible avenues to counter the impunity in Guatemala. The organization didn’t exist yet, but the meetings were held to strategize and follow-up. Eventually the decision was made to use the Belgian legal system and a nonprofit organization (in Dutch speaking Belgium VZW) was founded to formalize the operation of the group and enable us to communicate and act easily, the website being one of these.


The VZW has as goal to improve democracy and human rights in Guatemala and to act against impunity of human rights in this country. To achieve this goal it wants to support the families and initiatives for human rights and democracy, and cooperate with other organizations.

It’s obvious that to achieve this goal, it is paramount to create awareness of the public and decision-makers.

Bank account numbers:

Guatebelga : BE69 0013 6295 4878